Enjoy The WordSwish Challenge

A FREE word game for the true word puzzle enthusiast

It starts out easy – but you will be challenged soon enough. Find the hidden words. The categories will assist you. Swish your finger across the letters, spell the right words and use all the letters to finish. Now more than 7.000 levels.

"WordSwish is a terrific puzzle app."
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Unique Features

The WordSwish word puzzle game does more than just entertain you.
This unique game has several other great educating and brain optimizing advantages:

In-Game Screenshots

Images shown below are all in-game screenshots. As you can see, there are easy stages and there are nearly impossible ones. Don’t worry. You will start with the easy ones.

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Download WordSwish for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Android devices.
WordSwish is available for many platforms. We are working on several more. Enjoy :-)